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Jennifer Lawrence on The Late Show with David Letterman

Jennifer Lawrence appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman last night. She talks about being a “big liar” as a child, her reference to Meryl Streep at the Golden Globes, and how much she hates Twitter. She also shares a photo, where she claims “that’s not my butt!”

You can watch the entire episode here.

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  1. You could never be depressed after watching a Jennifer Lawrence interview!

  2. Q: How would you describe yourself?

    A: Very well-rounded and practically perfect.


    She looks totes gorg here too, especially her makeup.

  3. Lovely as always!! :)

    In the interview she says she doesn’t use Twitter, but I was under the impression that I was following her official Twitter page. Can anyone shed some light on this? 😀

  4. She was twittering before CF started filing but she noted on there in August that she was having to hand it off to her assistant because she would not keep up. She said that if she got on and did it herself that she would sign it a certain way so that her fans would know that it was directly from her.
    I think she has say and control over content but can not sit there and twitter each day-there is no time!
    (Fans are saying that Josh should get someone to twitter for him also–he basically goes on only when he’s not filming and has time-which is not often.)

  5. I thought Catching Fire wasn’t finished yet though?

  6. As in they were taking a break then going back in March?

  7. Loved how Jenn handled Dave during this interview as he is hard to be interviewed by! She not only stood up to the paparazzi-she also stood up to Dave!(ex-when they were leading up to SLP clip).
    She is perfect because she doesn’t take herself so seriously like others in Hollywood do!
    Only have to say is that there is only one thing better than a Jenn Lawrence interview and that is a Jenn and Josh Hutcherson interview! They play off each other so well and their interviews are comedy gold! Can’t wait till this happens for CF.

  8. @SPM-hey! Did you see my comment about my thought on why they might be filming some more for CF? Was just thinking that maybe the powers that be read some of the comments posted on websites and Tumblr re their feelings about fleshing out some characters and their relationships?

  9. FYI: Jennifer Lawrence DOES NOT have a Twitter account.

  10. @Fczc – no, I didn’t see that, but I like the theory.

  11. @SPM– i basically choked on my food when she said that, i was laughing so hard. note to self: do not watch jen lawrence interviews while having dinner. 😛

    meanwhile, she looks absolutely gorgeous! i love her clothes and her hair is perfect. and only jennifer can get away with bossing letterman on his own show and talking about anal leakage on national tv, while still making us love her even more for it. on lord, this girl is one of a kind. 😀

  12. Yeah I agree Josh bearly tweets he should do that and David is horrible and I’m also glad she stood up to him and I also think that a Josh and Jen interview is better they are hilarious together, I wonder how it would be with Josh Jen and Sam can’t wait to find out…. Hopefully them 3 do an interview together.

  13. Its like she was interviewing David Letterman :)

    I love how she is doesn’t care at all about this celebrity gossip and what not.
    Kind of the way I think Peeta would have interviewed Caesar Flickerman. Just taking control of the stage.

  14. @Fxzc: I find it extremely unlikely that Lionsgate would decide to change the script for the movie based on things they read on Tumblr or Not only unlikely, but disturbing, since it would make them into complete hacks.

  15. David Letterman is kind of rude. I love that JL can handle his roughness. The parts where he’s like…I mean your just a kid…!?! She’s a young woman and even as a teen you don’t want to be called kid, you want to be called sth like teen.
    and “Were you insecure?” – seriously? Man and he says he knows how to run a show after all his years…

    I really dont like this guy the only times I watch his show is when there are clips like these.

  16. @Mockingturkey – yes, I get the sense Jen is practically impossible to offend, which should serve her well in this business.

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